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The Capitol Pressroom for September 7, 2011


The 2nd portion of the DEC’s SGEIS dealing with the economic and community impacts of hydrofracking will be released today, marking the beginning of the final 60-day comment period.  Bill Cooke of the Citizens Campaign for the Environment will join us to discuss the “One Million Fracking Letters” campaign, an initiative to send the Governor a powerful message on the  fracking issue.  
Plus, in the wake of Irene, we hear from Dusty Horwitt of the Environmental Working Group in Washington DC about the consequences of hydrofracking on a flood plain. 
And The Capitol Pressroom begins its 9/11 coverage by asking how ”Al Qaeda” has changed since 9/11, which factors have influenced those changes, and how they may affect future attacks. Terrorism experts Victor Asal and H. Karl Rethemeyer of the Rockefeller College for Public affairs join us in the studio. 

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