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The Capitol Pressroom for September 30, 2011


Governor Andrew Cuomo on PEF, Intel deal, transparency & redistricting – Live at 11:06am

Susan Lerner, Executive Director of Common Cause New York on redistricting

State GOP Chairman Ed Cox on NY-9, the fight over raising the debt ceiling and redistricting

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  1. Ben says:

    I listened to the governor today and was surprised that he was not aware that many PEF members, like myself, voted against the contract at least in part because of the heavy handed way he behaved during the negotiations. Nice way to negotiate, “this week I’m laying off this many of you and every week until you agree to this contract this many more”. Now he wants us to revote. What do we do? Vote again and again until he gets his way? Is his middle name Stalin? We voted against the contract as it stands and if it comes back I for one will vote no again, as will some others in my office despite the fact that they got layoff notices. Unless there is a substantial change (which despite his offer to “tweek” his team has already said they will not do) this contract is dead.

    Now if he wants to just cut the last 2 years off and give us a 3 year contract with most of the other provisions in place, I think he will see more support. Of course that would mean it comes up during re-election season. That is why he wants a 5 year deal.


  2. Retired John says:

    Andrew’s comments show how nearsighted he is. Agencies and services have suffered cuts for years. To expect public workers to feel more pain in the wallet is inconsolable. If we are so broke then why did he just give away 450 mil. to a foreign company the other day. That doesnt pay taxes here. Why did he follow thru with some land the state just bought? Why didn’t he push to keep the tax on the rich? Why?…. maybe his father needed a tax break. Has he done anything about gas prices? Other states have. If that isn’t nearsighted what do you call it? He had his mind up as soon as he hit office. I am sick and tired on the attacks on the public workers. His performance will eventually prove what a sick person he really is.

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