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The Capitol Pressroom for May 1, 2012


There are several different flavors of campaign finance reform on the table. Senator Eric Adams joins us with a taste of the Senate Dems’.

Barbara Bartoletti of the League of Women Voters and NYPIRG’s Bill Mahoney will have analysis of the whole rainbow of CFR flavors.

It’s May Day! Where is the Occupy movement now? Jessica Dowsett of Occupy Albany fills us in.


Enterprise Unit Reporter Michelle Breidenbach of the Syracuse Post Standard on Empire Zones.


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  1. zoe morgan roman norman sydney christian z says:

    Dems (& Reps & 3rd Parties) need to start running their own primaries (or other means of selecting candidates) perhaps using Ranked Ballot (“RB”, voters ranking candidates in order of preference), Organized Communications (“OC”), randomly scheduled primaries & (in the case of left parties) progressive party dues, or (in the case of right wing parties) bidding for seats, flat dues or buying stock in the party . This will save vast sums, as TV & radio ads will no longer be needed, especially once the candidates & websites have been named. It would be impossible for big media to ignore their googleness even without the URLs. A random primary system might have one randomly chosen state’s primary eleven months before the election, two the next month & so on, until the remainder were held in the October before the election. OC is randomly assigned discussion groups electing reps (by means of Ranked Ballot) to higher & higher randomly assigned levels, ‘til one small group, most exactly in the middle remains, which by its merest invitation to speak inevitably indicates the next candidate (or winner). The “additive” form of Ranked Ballot is counting the first choices, & then, if noone has 50%, adding in the next choices, & so on, until someone finally does. One would have hoped there’d have been an RB Caucus in the Democrat-ish party, at least, by now, but that’ll be a long time coming. Or alternately, we could just deny ALL groups political particpation, & limit it to individuals, but I think it’ll prove to be fool’s goal. Money is fungible. They’ll just use associations to do everything else they can. The parties should apply such rules (equal representation, equal influence, competition on the merits of ideas, candidate & legislator freedom from time consuming fundraising, fiduciary transparency, letting only individuals & not lobbyists make contributions) to themselves,& if they are so truly superior, they’d not only pick the most perfect candidate, but also assure their victory.

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