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The Capitol Pressroom for June 18, 2012


10 Questions for the SGEIS….Child Pornography

Over the weekend lawmakers reached agreements or tentative agreements on the following issues:  Justice Center, Teacher evaluation disclosure, NYRA governance, cyberbullying, child pornography.  Still no compromise on the decriminalization of marijuana, minimum wage increase, or solar jobs act. 

The Environmental Working Group in Washington DC has issued a 10 point response to the DEC’s SGEIS on fracking. We have both Dusty Horwitt, J.D.. Senior Counsel for EWG and Anthony Ingraffea, Cornell’s Dwight C. Baum Professor of Engineering joining us to go through the response point by point. 

And the Assembly sponsor of the bill that closes a loophole in the state’s child pornography law.  Chairman of the Assembly Codes Committee Joseph R. Lentol will be in the studio.

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  1. Of course New York state is not ready to be fracked. The gas lobbyists have worked for years in Albany to insure that. New York has the worst fracking regulations in the United States

    And gas is state tax exempt


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