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Norman’s News, 10/11/11: Major musical theft alert!

Hello, everyone! Here’s the latest music and arts news from Norman Lebrecht….

1) Major musical theft alert: violinist Keith Gurry of the BBC Symphony Orchestra has had his violins and bows stolen from his home. Norman Lebrecht has details of the missing items, and who to call if you find them for sale anywhere in the world!











2) The Metropolitan Opera has enjoyed some fundraising successes in these tough times, but how is their overall financial health?









3) Who was the first successful woman singer-songwriter? According to her Parisian fans, it may be the late French singer Barbara. Norman discusses her, and some other possibilities, at Slipped Disc. (NOTE: Norman is doing a BBC documentary on Barbara; if you’re a fan of this unique singer, watch this space!)











4) No two musical sisters could be more different; find out more about the Nini sisters!










5) The most expensive musical haircut of all time, and some other famous musical hairstyles past and present; Norman gets wiggy with it!














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