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Educational Video Gaming

Remember the days of being scolded for playing videos games when you should be doing homework? People like Robert Vitello, Deputy Labor Commissioner for Planning and Technology for the NYS Department of Labor and Tobi Saulnier, CEO of 1st Playable Productions, talked about the future of educational gaming in New York State and how gaming can be used for good. They provided a lengthy list of resources to help people understand this topic!

For people who are teachers that are looking to incorporate gaming into the the classroom:

Here is a link for those who create video games and want to improve their craft or network with other individuals:

For those who are in the educational circuit who want to go to the Symposium that is being held August 16th-17th at Tech Valley High School:

To learn more about 1st Playable Productions:

To learn more about NYS Department of Labor’s strategic technology agenda: http://

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